DH Kaiser Co.
P.O. Box 21035 Canton, OH 44701 US
Phone: 3304567000 Website: www.kaiseracoustics.com
DH Kaiser Co.     P.O. Box 21035 Canton, OH 44701          (330) 456-7000 or 1-800-550-7007
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Company Profile

DH Kaiser Co. is a state of the art acoustical engineering firm specializing in the design and analysis of acoustical solutions in the domains of School, Church, Industrial, and Civic construction projects. Together with our customers, we design acoustical treatments to achieve the most advantageous acoustical performance

We develop, execute, incorporate, and uphold The National Standard ANSI S12.60.2002 in all school design projects.  We strive to maintain the highest standards for functional design.  Our specialists adapt to customers' explicit unique requirements. This goal is achieved through solid partnership with steadfast product vendors.

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